Our Meat’s Provenance

Dopson Butchers are a family-run company based in Crowthorne in Berkshire. We provide quality local meat supplied by reputable suppliers. We believe that it is fundamentally good practice that any meat supplied by us is reared in the traditional manner and that the meat should have traceable provenance. We prepare and cut our meat on site, ensuring that freshness and taste is of the highest quality.

There is sometimes a misguided perception that meat from an independent butcher is expensive? The fact is that supermarkets often stock mass-produced cheap meat of poor quality. At the supermarket you often don’t know where the animal was raised, how it was treated, what it ate and how it lived. Cheap meat is a false economy as quantity is never a substitute for quality. We believe that it is better to pay a little more for a better quality, traceable product. However, we are also mindful of people’s budgets too, so please ask us as we can often recommend a cheaper cut to suit your dish.

Our meat suppliers

Surrey Farm Beef
We buy through a group of farmers called Surrey Farm. Their cattle are carefully selected for quality and we know that when the meat arrives it will always be fabulous. It is hung on the carcasses for 21-28 days to ensure a rich flavour and extra tenderness. Try our Surrey Beef Steaks or Topside and be converted.

Free Range Lamb and Pork
All of our lamb and pork is free range. We are audited by Quality Standard Mark who also monitor and inspect the local farms, slaughter houses and butchers to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare and practices adhered too. We buy from reputable southern based farms to ensure only the best quality product comes through our doors.

Fleethill Farm Turkeys
Fleethill Farm is in Finchampstead just outside Wokingham. Gina the farm owner breeds a Traditional Bronze amd white turkey. Using tried and tested productions methods.

The Bronze birds have black feathers and are the favourite breed with farmers for flavour. (A white bird has been bred in more recent years for its slightly larger yield of breast to leg but is not so hardy and not so rich in flavour).

These wonderful turkeys are fed a traditional natural cereal diet and have large barns and fields to roam freely. They are Gina’s pride and joy and are lovingly cared for.

Their birds are also traditional prepared, dry plucked by hand and hung for extra flavour. In contrast, most birds from budget suppliers are wet plucked by machine (which makes them go off quicker) and not hung. Fleethill Turkeys come boxed and ready prepared for the oven with cooking instructions and a pop up thermometer.

Goodman Geese Worcester
Although not on the doorstep we took a few years to source the best birds we could. We wanted free range, best welfare, breed of bird and a great family farm to work with. Goodman tick all the boxes.

Creedy Carver Chickens
The family run farm of Creedy Carver in Credition, Devon provides all of our free range chickens all-year-round. The quality and consistency of their chickens has always been excellent. As with the Fleethill their birds are dry plucked and naturally fed.