Dementia Care ‘Reward Points’ Support

Demcare Reward Points

Would you like to Support Dementia Care by Donating some of your REWARD POINTS?

We have a local support group who meet in The Methodist Church Monday, Wednesday and Friday giving respite to carers. It is run by Berkshire Demcare but is no longer funded by the local council. The lady who runs it is a trained Dementia professional but does this as a volunteer, relying on the small fee paid by carers to cover the rent and other expenses. They also provide the clients with a hot lunch by purchasing COOK ready-made meals from us as it is the best way of providing a hot meal without having to pay for a chef.

As a business, we help by discounting all of their COOK ready-meals but we would like to do more with your help. If you would like to help too then you can donate any amount of your reward points towards the purchase of the ready-meals.

Typically a COOK ready-meal for four will cost 1000 points and for every 900 points donated by our customers, Dopson Butchers will add an extra 100 points and provided a meal for FREE.

If you are interested, please let us know and we will keep a points tally.

Thank you so much

Nigel, Catherine, Gareth and Sam