Christmas Orders

For all you organized people our Christmas order form is now out.

Download it here: Christmas Order Form PDF

We are very excited this year as all our Turkeys are coming from Fleethill Farm in Finchampstead. They are currently under the watchful eye of Gina and her family who have breed Turkeys for many years. We have used Gina for our birds since we opened 8 years ago but this year she is going to be providing our Whites as well as our Bronze. In these 8 years we have had many happy returning customers.

What makes these birds so special is that the farm is small, they are reared in the traditional way, being allowed to grow naturally and not force fed. This allows them to produce a small layer of fat on the breast to keep it moist and full of flavour. They are fed a diet of natural cereal free from any additives. They roam free, in and out of the barns at their leisure, and have plenty of space. They are slaughtered and hung in the traditional way for extra flavour and dry plucked by hand.

The difference between White and Bronze?
Bronze is the traditional bird with its black feathers and slightly gamier taste. Whites were introduced, as a more commercial bird, as their yield of breast to legs is very slightly greater.

Don’t Forget…
Your gammon, pigs in blankets, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, bacon, eggs etc

Other Items
If you require any items not listed we can add these no problem.

Christmas Order Deadline
Our farms need to know our orders by the first week in December as the birds need to be hung for at least 10 days. We will order spares but to ensure your size choice please order by no later than WEDNESDAY 6th DECEMBER other orders by WEDNESDAY  13TH DECEMBER please?
This will help us enormously to get our stocks ordered correctly.

We prefer orders to be placedin store so we can go through it with our customers personally. Please do call us if you need any help. We will answer questions on email but would prefer not to have Facebook messages. A deposit of £10 is required

Collection Days
Thursday 21st 8am -5.30pm
Friday 22nd 8am-5.30pm
Saturday 23rd 8am -8pm
Saturday 24th 6am-10 am

Important: Your reward points cannot be redeemed Christmas week without putting your request on a Christmas order. This is due to the close control of stock and ordering over this period. The points will be taken from your card when ordering.